Downtown YMCA - Group Fitness Schedule April 15 to June 30


  • 10:15AM - 11:15AM Cyclefit
    Ages 13+

    CycleFit gets your legs pumping with a high-powered indoor bike class set to energetic music. Working those major muscles in your legs also strengthens your most important muscle: your heart.Since you control the intensity of the workout by adjusting your own bike, it’s a great workout for individuals of all ages and experiences.

    Ride/CycleFit Rotation Downtown YMCA MP1 Room
  • 11:00AM - 11:45AM Aquafit - Gentle
    Ages 13+
    The gentle version of YMCA Aquafit is perfect if you are new to aquatic fitness classes and want to ease into it, or if you are managing a chronic health condition. Similar to the regular Aquafit class, it's performed in the shallow end of the pool at a gentler pace. Like the regular class, it offers strength gains and improved circulation without stressing your joints. Aquatics Drop-in...
    Candice Downtown YMCA Aquatics Centre
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