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Select your program by choosing the categories of your choice in the drop-down menus below!  If you have trouble finding the program you are looking for, check out our all of our Programs.

Health & Fitness

Moon Yoga

A sequence designed for hip and heart opening, a low impact vinyasa class. Expect slow deep movement with long holds to build strength & kneeling and lunging and twists to encourage hips and...

Ride & Roll

Get your sweat on with a 30 minute spin/cycle class and finish with 15 minutes of foam rolling with instruction of proper technique!

Cardio & Strength


Join in for fifteen minutes of light stretching focusing on lower back and hip opening exercises. Great for post workout recovery and for increasing flexibility.


Train functional strength, cardio and flexibility while using the TRX Suspension Training system. This class will prove to be a triple threat for your whole body!

Strong by Zumba


Walking Fitness

Join us in the gym for some gentle indoor walking and beneficial exercise for those requiring a slower pace. Keep moving! 


This fun low impact class uses a Swiss ball to focus on core and overall strength.

Strong 30

This is a revolutionary 30 minute high intensity workout led by music to motivate you. Stop counting reps and start training to the beat. Combines bodyweight, muscle conditioning, cardio, plyometric...


A wide range of different styles for high intensity cardio workouts that will push you to your limit in a fun and motivating environment.

Fitness Centre

Personal Training

Reach your full potential with a YMCA Personal Trainer! What’s your health & fitness goals? "I’m new to fitness" Taking the first steps toward a healthier you can feel...

Welcome Orientation

Congratulations on your new YMCA membership! Welcome to the community. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you hit the gym floor, that's why we offer a FREE welcome orientation for...

Health Management

Living Fit

The Living Fit program provides safe, supportive, barrier-free health and wellness opportunities for people with disabilities and chronic, stable conditions. The program aids individuals with:...

Sports & Recreation

Private Climbing Lessons

Not only do we offer some great climbing programs for all ages, but we also have private climbing lessons. Private lessons are 1 hour in length which allows you to develop skills in Top Rope Climbing...


Ashtanga Primary Yoga

Yoga Chikitsa, the Sanskrit name for Astanga Primary series, means Yoga Therapy - a program that when done regularly can help your ailments and purify the physical body.

Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga Chikitsa, the Sanskrit name for Astanga, means Yoga Therapy - a program that when done regularly can help your ailments and purify the physical body. Downtown Drop-in Schedule South Ridge...

Flow and Restore Yoga

Reset and restore in this EXPRESS yoga class at noon. Prepare for the rest of your work day by taking a few minutes out for yourself. Utilize your breath as you move through a gentle flow yoga...

Gentle Yoga

Ease into yoga with Gentle Yoga. The use of props and modifications ensure comfort in the poses. This practice is great for those with limited range of motion or new to yoga. Downtown Drop-in...

Hatha Yoga

This class will improve your flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. Through a series of breathing exercises and poses, you will release stress and leave feeling stronger and more...

Yoga Charged

This class is a 45 minute intense yoga practice to build strength in mind and body. A great, quick workout, yoga style!

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Intermediate Yoga

Everybodies Yoga