YMCA Employment Centre


YMCA Employment Centre, in partnership with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), offers a Skills Link Program to enhance Life/ Employability Skills.  The program assists people in our community with finding and maintaining employment. It provides six weeks of in-class group-based life/ employability skills training, followed by eight weeks of work experience with a local employer in their field of interest..

The Work Experience Program offers your business a chance to connect with motivated young adults who want to develop skills and achieve meaningful employment. For the work experience, our participants require a minimum of 30 hours of work each week, for the course of the eight weeks.  This work experience comes at a reduced cost to the employer, for the eight week period. HRSDC will fund $12.20/ hour of the participants’ wage.

Our goal is to give participants hands-on experience in a field that interests them with the hope of securing permanent employment. The following is a list of benefits employers would receive for participating in the program:

  • Access to employee(s) who are ready, willing and able to work.
  • A wage subsidy will be provided by HRSDC for the first 8 weeks of employment at a rate of $11.20 per hour for 30 hours per week (The employee will be on your company payroll, receive EI and pension deductions).
  • Opportunity to “try-out” an employee at a reduced cost.