Due to the Government of Alberta COVID-19 guidelines, there are limited spaces available in our Before & After School Program.
Full-time spaces will get priority over levels and hourly spaces.  

Please complete the paperwork in its entirety, paperwork that is not complete will lead to delays in securing a spot.

To register for the Before & After School Program please fill out BOTH of the following form packages:

Submit Registration Packages by:

  • Email; please email the completed packages directly to your chosen B&A School Site (email addresses in the table below) 
  • Dropping them off at the Downtown YMCA, during regular business hours, with attention to our Before & After Program Manager Victoria Potter

We welcome you to contact the Site Director for your school with any questions:

Baillie Dale (403) 928-6079 for Crestwood, Dr. Roy Wilson, George Davison, Herald, River Heights, and Southview Before & After School Programs
Sarah Skinner (temporary) (403)928-7743 for Connaught, Dr Ken Sauer, Ross Glen, Vincent Massey, and Webster Niblock Before & After School Programs

To Reach Your Child's Before & After School Program Directly, Please Contact:

School Phone Number Email


(403)458-1780 connaught@medicinehatymca.ca
Crestwood School (403)458-0552 crestwood@medicinehatymca.ca

Dr. Ken Sauer School

(403)458-0190 kensauer@medicinehatymca.ca
Dr. Roy Wilson School (403)458-0194 roywilson@medicinehatymca.ca
George Davison School (403)458-0561 georgedavison@medicinehatymca.ca
Herald School (403)458-0187 herald@medicinehatymca.ca
River Heights School (403)458-0562 riverheights@medicinehatymca.ca
Ross Glen School (403)458-0547 rossglen@medicinehatymca.ca
Southview School  (403)458-0534 southview@medicinehatymca.ca
Vincent Massey School (403)458-0543 vincentmassey@medicinehatymca.ca
Webster Niblock (403)458-1784 websterniblock@medicinehatymca.ca
Program Manager   victoria.potter@medicinehatymca.ca

For more information regarding child care subsidy and how to apply with the Government of Alberta, visit:

Child Care Subsidy - Alberta Human Services