Helping swimmers become leaders! Children 10 years or older who are competent swimmers can take the YMCA Star Leadership Program to continue to nurture their love of swimming and work towards more advanced aquatics certifications.

Combining leadership opportunities with the Lifesaving Society's Canadian Swim Patrol program, the YMCA Star Leadership Program consists of three levels that develop first aid, lifesaving, and advanced swimming skills:

  • Star 5
  • Star 6
  • Star 7

Successful Star 7 participants will be able to move into the Bronze Star or Bronze Medallion seamlessly.

The YMCA Star Leadership Program encourages swimmers to work together in groups to reach their goals. Your child will be eligible for the Canadian Swim Patrol's Rookie, Ranger, and Star certifications after completing the YMCA Star Leadership Program.

Star Five/Six/Seven

Star 5 Star 5 is for children 10 years and older who have completed Star 4 or who show an equivalent skill level. We will introduce the butterfly stroke along with lifesaving and first aid elements from the Rookie and Ranger levels of the Canadian Swim Patrol program. Swimmers will also have the opportunity to continue to develop advanced aquatics skills by selecting from a range of options:...

Star Seven

Star 7 is for children 10 years and older who have completed Star 6 or show an equivalent skill level, and have a strong interest in pursuing more advanced aquatics certifications. Star 7 bridges to the YMCA Assistant Swim Instructor and Lifesaving Society's Bronze programs. In addition to first aid and lifesaving skills, swimmers will also continue to build their abilities by selecting from...