Swimming lessons for individuals 16 years and up who are interested in establishing comfort and confidence in the water. The YMCA Adult Swim Program is a series of three swimming levels that focus on:

  • Confidence
  • Technique
  • Stroke development
  • Endurance

Whatever your abilities are,  there’s an adult swim program for you!

Adult Swim Lessons

This program is designed to establish comfort and confidence in the water. Participants will begin with the basic principles of movement and safety in and around the water. Basic water skills including submersion, floating, gliding and kicking will be introduced. Instructors will also present techniques for the beginner stroke standards.

Skills and Drills

Build endurance while developing and improving swimming strokes. Participants will get an introduction to sidestroke, butterfly and eggbeater. Swimming endurance is built with an emphasis on increasing fitness and speed. Members must be able to swim 50 metres continuously and be comfortable in deep water.

Stroke Improvement

Improve your swimming strokes and build on your skills. This class features front and back crawl, treading water and whip kick. Participants will also get a deep water orientation and practice swimming greater distances.