Want to add a little variety to your fitness routine? Just add water! 

The resistance of the water strengthens your muscles with each movement. Whether you move at top speed or a moderate one, your body weight is supported by the buoyancy of the water, which reduces joint impact and improves your cardiovascular fitness.

Led by trained YMCA Instructors, these classes offer a host of benefits for all fitness levels, and you'll appreciate the ability to control the intensity by modifying surface area, speed, and force of movements.


Use the water's resistance to your advantage. This class will challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance while improving balance, stability and flexibility.

Adult Swim Challenge

Do you want to improve your swimming endurance? Maybe you need assistance with your strokes? Why not join our new drop-in Adult Swim Challenge?! All pool lanes will be open, and instructors will be onsite to assist you during this drop-in aquatics class. A progression board will be available for anyone wanting to record their goals and progress.

Mom & Tot AquaFit

Coming Soon!

Aquafit - Gentle

The gentle version of YMCA Aquafit is perfect if you are new to aquatic fitness classes and want to ease into it, or if you are managing a chronic health condition. Similar to the regular Aquafit class, it's performed in the shallow end of the pool at a gentler pace. Like the regular class, it offers strength gains and improved circulation without stressing your joints. Aquatics Drop-in...

Mom & Tot AquaFit

Fitness and fun for mom and baby! Ease back into fitness and introduce your baby to the water. A certified Aquafit Instructor will lead you through 30 minutes of cardio and muscular endurance while incorporating your baby through song and movement. Babies should be 6-24 months. Please dress baby in an official swim diaper.