Our Privacy Commitment

YMCA of Medicine Hat Privacy Statement

As a charitable, community-based association, the Family YMCA of Medicine Hat is committed to protecting your right to privacy. The personal information you share with the YMCA will be used to support the work of the YMCA of Medicine Hat. We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy.

Why does the YMCA gather personal information?

The Family YMCA of Medicine Hat asks those involved in the YMCA for personal information for a variety of purposes, which further the charitable work of the YMCA. These purposes include:

  • Volunteer Development
  • Relationship Development and Fundraising
  • Safety and Security
  • YMCA Sales and Services
  • Program and service registration and development
  • Employment relations
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Supporting participants needs and eligibility for other services in the community

How does the YMCA ensure privacy protection?

There are safeguards in place that protect the privacy of your involvement with the Family YMCA of Medicine Hat. Only authorized persons have access to your information. We collect, use and disclose personal information only for the purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate for a charitable, community association. We do not sell or trade your information to third parties. Our procedures and systems are designed to protect your information from error, loss and unauthorized access. The YMCA assumes implied consent for collection, use and disclosure of personal information as it relates to the work of the YMCA. We monitor our compliance with applicable privacy legislation. We appreciate your assistance in making sure your information is up to date.

Where to get more information?

If you have further questions or concerns about the YMCA privacy practices, please direct your questions to a Centre Manager. If you have a specific concern, please express your concern in writing to, YMCA Privacy Officer, with your contact information, and we will be happy to respond.

Privacy Officer

YMCA of Medicine Hat
150 Ash Avenue SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3A9
Phone:  403-527-4426 ext. 118
Fax:  403-529-5702
E-mail:  kirstyn.myren@medicinehatymca.ca

Your Choice

You may also receive periodic mailing from us with information about other YMCA programs and services that may interest and benefit you.  If you do not wish to receive these other mailings please contact your Centre Manager. 

If you wish to reverse your previous ‘opt-out’ selection and wish to receive information about other YMCA programs and services please contact your Centre Manager.

Downtown YMCA
Community GM: Jillian Ross
Phone:  403-527-4426
Fax:  403-529-5702
E-mail: jill.ross@medicinehatymca.ca
South Ridge YMCA
Membership Manager - Elizabeth (Betty) Duhaime
Phone: 403-528-1631
Fax:  403-528-1651
Email: elizabeth.duhaime@medicinehatymca.ca

John Millar Child Development Centre
GM - Child Care Centres:  Sandra Warkentin
Phone:  403-527-9444
E-mail: sandra.warkentin@medicinehatymca.ca

Crescent Heights Child Development Centre
GM - Child Care Centres:  Sandra Warkentin
Phone:  403-527-9444
E-mail: sandra@medicinehatymca.ca

YMCA Employment Centre
Employment Centre Manager:  Jodie Engbert
Phone:  403-529-4733
E-mail:  jodie.engbert@medicinehatymca.ca