Bring your child to the YMCA with you!

Both YMCA of Medicine Hat facilities offers childminding service for members to utilize while maintaining your healthy lifestyle.  Our staff members have a valid criminal record check and are certified in:

  • First Aid CPR C
  • Healthy Child Development
  • Child Protection
  • YMCA Child Protection Policy

Ultimately we want to provide each child with quality care and attention so you have peace of mind while enjoying your workout.  To take advantage of the 1.5 hours of free childminding, both you and your child(ren) must have active memberships.

Note: Please refrain from sending children with nut products as we have children with allergies.

Please see restricted hours for the summer.

Have questions?  We've got answers!  Please see the below FAQ' or give us a call at 403-527-4426 or 403-528-1631.


Q:  I'm an adult who does not have a YMCA membership (I usually pay a drop-in fee to access the YMCA), but my child has a YMCA membership. Can I get free childminding?

A:  NO.  To access childminding, you must have a membership, and your child must also have a membership.

Q:  I'm an adult who has a YMCA membership, but my child does not have a membership, can I get free childminding?

A:  NO.  To access childminding, both you and your child must have memberships.

Q:  I have a membership, and my child(ern) has a membership, can I use the childminding service offered by you?

A:  YES.  As long an both you and your child(ern) have memberships, you can use our childminding services.

Q:  We are a family of four and what to take advantage of your childminding service.  What's the most cost-effective membership?

A:  For a family with two or more children, our Family Membership is the best value.  To learn more about our memberships click HERE.