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With one successful Drive-Thru Recruitment Event now under their belt, the partnership of employment service providers are once again offering employers and jobseekers a COVID-friendly alternative to a traditional job fair. 
The partnership of YMCA Employment Centre (Medicine Hat), Medicine Hat College, and the Government of Alberta (Community and Social Services & Labour and Immigration) are looking to offer a series of Drive-Thru Recruitment events, the next being at the end of November! 

Are you actively looking to recruit employees? Apply now!

Mass recruitment and traditional job fairs are extremly difficult in the post-COVID world. That's why the YMCA Employment Centre, Medicine Hat College, and the Government of Alberta (Community and Social Services & Labour and Immigration) has come together to help employers reach the workforce they need! Special attention and planning goes into important tools for these events including hazard assessment, emergency response plan, rapid response plan, and self-assessment protocol for the event. Mandatory masks, social distancing, and sanitization protocols are used to ensure health and safety adhering to guidelines of gatherings during COVID-19. Rest assured that by participating in a Drive-Thru Recruitment Event, your organization will be aligned with strict OHS adherance. 

Our next Drive-Thru Recruitment Event will be November 25 at the Cypress Centre in Medicine Hat. Space is limited to the number of employers, so please CLICK HERE to apply by noon on Monday, November 9th. 

Our first of the Drive-Thru Recruitment Event series featured Borea Construction. The company conducted 220 one-on-one interviews and will start with making approximately 75 jobs for local jobseekers as a result.

Borea Construction had this to say following the event: “We really valued the amount of work that went into making this event COVID-friendly; from finding a location, organizing flow, to securing volunteers, etc. Our hosts provided all the supplies, completed the set up and take down and had a very well-organized process in place so that we could just show up the day of the event.”

CLICK HERE to participate in one of our future Drive-Thru Recruitment Events!

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