Critical issues facing our community:

  • Research shows the importance of the early years for lifelong health and wellbeing. Nearly one-third of our kindergarten-aged children are experiencing some level of difficulty in one or more areas of development.
  • The challenge facing today's teenagers impact their overall health, confidence, and ability to thrive:
    • inactivity
    • at-risk behaviors
    • mental illness
    • bullying
    • language and cultural barriers
    • substance abuse and crime
  •   Canadian parents raising kids today are pressed for time, money and childcare services.
  • 2010, 7,360 people in the greater Medicine Hat area were living in poverty, 2,590 of whom were children – representing a 10% poverty rate, anda 16% child poverty rate.

Stats - 2013 Report

Our Commitment:

  • We believe that healthy families are the building blocks of healthy communities. That's why we provide programs that enable parents to be productive, healthy and engaged in their family and community life.
  • We believe families grow together through a healthy lifestyle, a sense of well-being, purpose, and belonging.
  • We believe the early years are critical for building lifelong health. That's why we provide play-based youth and preschool programming that nurtures children's:
    • social-emotional
    • cognitive
    • physical development