Critical issues affecting our communities:

Families living in poverty:

  • 2010, 7,360 people in the greater Medicine Hat area were living in poverty, 2,590 of whom were children – representing a 10% poverty rate, anda 16% child poverty rate.

Stats - 2013 Report

The after school hours are a critical time for children:

  • Many kids spend this time alone even though 92% of them say they would rather play with friends than watch television.

Stats -

Community support systems:

  • Local support systems are not keeping up with changing demographics and family structure. 

Our Commitment:

  • We believe there are neighbourhoods within Medicine Hat that are underserved. That is why we will extend our reach through physical and social infrastructure aimed at filling these gaps.
  • We believe in working together with other organizations to engage our community. That is why we work collaboratively with organizations, government, and individuals to build a healthy society.
  • We believe everyone deserves a chance to reach his or her potential. That's why we offer financial assistance for memberships and programs to those in need.