Congratulations to our Early Learning Team!  The annual YMCA Playing to Learn assessments has been completed, and the YMCA of Medicine Hat earned an average score of 88.5%, exceeding the national targets!  
This is the first year we've exceeded the target, with both locations earning above 85%!  This demonstrates a commitment to the national YMCA curriculum and strong leadership (way to go Sandra)!
The programs both demonstrate robust social environments that:

  • Embrace a relationship based pedagogy
  • Small groups
  • Attention to quality interactions  

The planning process has been established, and children have engaged in play-based experiences that extend their learning.  Families have a stronger understanding of how their children are learning through play from daily journals and documentation.  Considerable effort has been made to create physical spaces that are:

  • Welcoming
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Supportive of discovery. 

Year after year,  Sandra and her team have worked to support the educators in understanding the curriculum and implementing it at this level. 

Congratulations again to our Early Learning Team!