We are excited to share that our new information technology system, DfM (Dynamics for Membership) is going live on July 8th. This system has been specifically developed for YMCAs across Canada and we are looking forward to the modernization it will bring to the YMCA of Medicine Hat. The system we currently use (YTrack) is extremely outdated and we appreciate your patience with the recent outages that have occurred due to its obsolescence.

In order to successfully implement DfM, we are required to update several of our business processes to standardize them with other YMCAs in Canada. Our goal is to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for our members and staff.

The following changes will impact you effective July 8th:

  • You will require a new membership card. Please visit our Facebook events page for special pick up times

The following changes will impact you effective August 1st:

  • All membership term dates will be reset to allow for transfer into the new system. All memberships will be brought in line with the current fee structure (see below) and deducted on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Your first payment date in August will remain the same, however only a bi-weekly amount will be deducted (see below). Your payments will then be deducted every 2 weeks from that date.
  • Members currently receiving financial assistance must visit our Membership Services desks in July to have their information entered in to DfM. These memberships will not automatically transfer over.
  • All corporate discounts for employees of organizations/businesses affiliated with our Corporate Wellness Program will be standardized at 15%

Please call or visit our Membership Services staff to ask questions, get more details or discuss how DfM will specifically impact you. 

We thank you in advance for your patience in July as we undertake this major transition. We are confident that this system will greatly improve your membership experience in the future.


YMCA of Medicine Hat Membership Fees (effective August 1st)

* All prices are bi-weekly


General Membership

Adult $24

Senior $21

Child/Youth $13

Student $18.50


Plus Membership

Adult $33

Senior $29


Couples General Membership (any 2 individuals residing at same address)

Adult $37

Senior $34


Couples Plus Membership (any 2 individuals residing at same address)

Adult $52.50

Seniors $48.50


Family General Membership

Adult $50

Senior $47


Family Plus Membership

Adult $65.50

Senior $61.50