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MEMBER Registration for YMCA Swimming Lessons and Registered Programming Spring 2021 Session is on Thursday, April 1, starting at 8:00 am!

Non-Members registration opens April 5 at 8:00 am

For a smooth registration process, please ensure that your online membership portal is activated.

To register on Thursday please visit

Member price for classes is ONLY $15.00!

Non-member price: $50

Program List for the Spring Session: April 12 to May 7, 2021
**Click Here for the Spring Session Schedule times and class descriptions 
Swimming Pool:
• Y Swim
Swimming Lessons including
• Star 1/2
• Star 3/4
• Star 5/6/7
• Splashers/Bobbers
• Bobbers/Floaters
• Surfer/Dipper
• Otter/Seal
• Dolphin/Swimmer
• Glider/Diver
• Private Lessons

Climbing Wall:
• Climb On
• Kinder Climb
• Open Climb

Preschool Programs (Ages 3-6):
• YMoves
• Kinder Be Limber
• Y Bop (Ages 2-5)

Youth Programs (Ages 6-12):
• YMoves
• Y Be Limber

• Pee Wee Karate
• Beginner/Youth (Ages 9-13)
• Youth/Advanced

Fitness Classes:
• Chair Fit
• Bootcamp
• Group Centergy
• Ashtanga Yoga
• Hatha Yoga
• Rocket Yoga

The Spring Session runs from April 12 to May 7th with all classes being hosted at the DOWNTOWN YMCA.
+ Programs run twice a week either on Mon & Wed or Tues & Thur.
+ There are also Saturday swim lessons running for 8 weeks for parents that can not make it twice during the week.

Our new programs include:
+ Y Bop, for children 2-5yrs, which encourages your youngsters to stay active through dance. Using simple techniques they will develop coordination and balance while having fun!
+ Kinder be Limber, for children 3-6yrs, gives children a playful start to stretching, flexibility, body literacy and an appreciation for overall body health and well-being.
+ Y Be Limber, for children 6-12, Participants will learn physical literacy while working on stretching and flexibility. They will gain body confidence and an appreciation for overall body health
and well-being.

Old Favourites:
+ Swimming lessons
+ Climb On, for children 6-12 yrs
+ Kinder Climb, for children 3-6yrs
+ Y Move for both 3-6 and 6-12 yrs
+ and all THREE levels of Karate lessons