June 16, 2020

Dear YMCA Members,

We have been preparing to welcome our Members back since the moment we closed, and thanks to everyone’s efforts to flatten the curve, we are one step closer to doing so. Below is the most up-to-date information we have:

Health, Fitness & Aquatics (HFA) RE-OPENING PLAN

The Government of Alberta’s announcement on June 10th to allow recreation facilities to re-open in Phase 2 was very exciting. The YMCA’s main priority in making decisions about re-opening is to ensure that we follow all new public health regulations to protect the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and members.

We will proceed with the planned gradual, staged re-opening of our HFA facilities that were covered in our previous member update. We anticipate each stage will last approximately 2 months, however with so many unknowns in the future, we must be flexible and evaluate frequently.

  • Stage 1a: South Ridge facility re-opens fitness areas with minimal programming (only those that can ensure physical distancing requirements are met)
  • Stage 1b: Downtown facility re-opens fitness areas with minimal programming (only those that can ensure physical distancing requirements are met)
  • Stage 2: Pool re-opens, more fitness and child/youth programming available
  • Stage 3: Full operations


Stage 1a: South Ridge YMCA – Re-Opening with Limited Capacity on June 22, 2020


While our Downtown facility remains closed for facility upgrades for the time being, our South Ridge facility is ready to welcome members back! Here’s what members need to know:

  • Activities are limited to fitness areas (trainers and classes are unavailable at this time)
  • Hours of operation will be slightly reduced
    •  Monday to Friday 7:00am–7:00pm
    • Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am–5:00pm
    • Closed on stat holidays 
  • We will adhere to all public health and safety guidelines as outlined by the Alberta Governmenthttps://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/covid-19-relaunch-sports-physical-activity-and- recreation.pdf
  • The Downtown facility is expected to open in July, stay tuned for specific details in the coming weeks.
  • We recommend that members call (403) 528-1631 or email southridge@medicinehatymca.ca to book a 90 minute workout appointment. Members can also choose to drop-in, but may be asked to wait or come back later if the YMCA is at full capacity.
  • To support physical distancing, the South Ridge capacity will be limited to 100 members dispersed throughout the facility at one time


Public Health and Safety Protocols

  • COVID Release Forms must be completed upon entry to the facility. This information will be kept for 2 weeks and then shredded.
  • Please do not visit the YMCA if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have returned from travel outside of Alberta within the past 14 days, or have been in contact with a case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available and mandatory for all to use upon entry to the building
  • Masks are encouraged in areas of our facility where physical distancing is not possible. Members are encouraged to bring their own masks. Note: masks are not recommended during physical activity
  • To encourage physical distancing, we recommend that members shower and change at home. YMCA change rooms and showers will still be available, however will have reduced capacity (e.g., fewer lockers, fewer showers, etc.)
  • To ensure physical distancing while using YMCA fitness equipment, members will be given 2 orange cones when they check in. The cones must be used to block off neighboring machines/equipment that are within 2 meters of the machine/equipment you are using. When finished, return your cones to the Membership Desk where they will then be sanitized before reuse.
  • Members MUST disinfect their machine/equipment with the provided disinfectant spray before and after each use
  • The YMCA will not store any personal equipment such as yoga mats. Members are asked to ensure these items are taken home with them after their workout
  • YMCA staff will go through the facility every two hours to disinfect all common touch surfaces
  • The gymnasium will not be available until approximately July 18th as the floors are in the. process of being refinished and will need to cure for 2 weeks once complete
  • Room A/B and Room C will not be available until September 1st, due to day camp programming
  • Child minding will NOT be available at this time

Membership Fees

  • ​FREE MEMBERSHIP until July 15 for all existing members as a token of our appreciation and acknowledgement that our facilities are not at full capacity due to public health guidelines.
    • Members whose last payment was pulled between February 15-29 will resume payments (as per new membership model) on August 7th
    • Members whose last payment was pulled between March 1 – 17 will resume payments (as per new membership model) on August 21st
    • Members who received refunds during closure will resume payments (as per new membership model) on July 24th
  • New members welcome! New members will receive our Introduction to Membership promotion between June 22 – August 31. Payment due upon sign up via debit/credit and pre-authorized payments will commence as per new membership model on July 24

New Membership Model

We understand that there have been many people impacted by financial hardships due to COVID-19, and in an effort to promote access to the YMCA at a lower cost we have created more membership options. As of July 15, members have the choice between Economy, General, and Health Plus memberships. All memberships will be paid on a biweekly payment schedule. More details about our New Membership Model will be released soon through email, our website and social media channels.

Thank you again for your patience and commitment to the YMCA throughout this pandemic. We are excited to welcome our Members and ask for your patience as we all get used to operating with new public health guidelines. Your membership makes it possible for the YMCA to positively impact our community by promoting health and wellness, fostering belonging and connection, and helping children and families thrive.

We always welcome member’s feedback and suggestions at feedback@medicinehatymca.ca. Sincerely,

YMCA Senior Leadership Team

Sharon Hayward, CEO
Betty Duhaime, General Manager – HFA
Corina Cayer, Director of Finance
Sandra Warkentin, General Manager – Child Care