By now you have heard that the Government of Alberta announced enhanced restrictions that will impact the YMCA. Please read through this document to ensure that you understand how the YMCA will be adjusting to these restrictions.

Department Updates

Health, Fitness & Aquatics
As of December 13th, both the Downtown and South Ridge branches will be closed for a minimum of 4 weeks. We hope to be back up and running on January 11th and will share any information we receive about when the restrictions will be lifted.

All YMCA memberships will be automatically placed on hold for the duration of the closure. No further payments will be pulled until the YMCA re-opens.
The cancellation of this week’s payment means that all members who pay via EFT will be ready to resume their memberships on January 11th.
We anticipate that members who pay via credit card will be eligible for a 1 week credit when they return on January 11th. This will be automatically added to your account.
As we have a better idea of when we can re-open, more information and details will be shared.

During the mandated closure, NO cancellations or refunds will be processed or accepted via email or phone. Because all memberships will go on an automatic hold, no payments will be processed during this time.
Members are asked to wait to carry out cancellations until we re-open. Once a re-opening date has been finalized, instructions on this process will be sent out to members.

Session 2 Programs
The YMCA had already decided to pause Session 2 and have it resume on January 11, 2021. This means that if we are allowed to re-open on January 11th, we will be exactly on track with our programming.

Child Care

Before & After School Care Program
All 11 B&A programs will continue to operate as planned throughout December. We will NOT run any B&A programming the week of January 4 – 8 when all students will be learning from home online.
Families with children attending B&A will receive a 25% credit on their accounts for this missed week of programming. This will happen automatically prior to the January billing date.

Licensed PD Days and Christmas Day Camp
We are very pleased that our licensed day camp program can continue to operate. With the United Way funding recently announced, we are able to provide this essential service to families who need it for only $20/day! Full details on these day camp programs are available on our website.

Employment Services – Medicine Hat & Brooks
Employment services will continue to be available by appointment. Anyone needing an appointment can contact the Employment Centre directly at 403-527-4426 x 409 or email 

Thanks again for your continued trust and support as the YMCA navigates the pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in this letter, please feel free reach out. While closed, the best way to contact us is through email at the addresses below.
YMCA Senior Leadership Team