Our Mission

Our raison d’etre – reason to be

The YMCA of Medicine Hat, a charity supported by volunteers, is devoted to enriching our community by providing services to people of all ages within a safe, healthy environment that enhances personal wellness. 

Our Impact

How we will achieve our mission

The YMCA is committed to strengthening the foundations of community by:

Our Vision

The future we will create

The YMCA of Medicine Hat is recognized as a community charity that is primarily responsible for the provision of health, wellness, youth leadership and community service.

Our Values

Our guide to decsion-making and behaviour

  • Do the Right Thing - We are caring, respectful, honest and responsible in all we do.
  • Put People First - We believe in each other – our strengths, perspectives, capacity to grow and our passion.
  • Keep Our Promises - We do what we say we do.
  • Lead by Example - We are courageous, speak with conviction, listen attentively and collaborate.